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This page lists the Areas in Black Survival: Immortal Soul. Each area contains different wild animals and items.

Each area has a unique, limited supply of items that can be found there; some items are only available at certain locations. Areas become restricted every 2-3 minutes. They are restricted temporarily and reopen at the end of the next round. At the start of round 5, all restricted areas become permanently restricted. Restricted areas are random each game.

Lumia Island[]

Classic mode games occur on Lumia Island. There are 22 searchable areas on this map. Additionally, there is the Underground Path, the area where players start every match. This area is not shown on the in-game map, and players cannot return to Underground Path once they leave it.

The Research Center is blocked off by default unless someone hacks successfully during the game.

Numbered BS Map.png


Team Match games occur within the Seoul map. There are 12 searchable areas. Similarly to the Lumia Island map, players start each game in the Underground Path. In Team Match, players return to this area upon death, during the revival period.

Seoul Numbered Map.png

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