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The in-game Beginner's Guide is a series of responses to issues/questions that newer players may encounter while playing Black Survival. The Beginner's Guide can be found within the "Guide" section of the game-lobby Index.

For more information, players can also read the in-game Rulebook.

Weapon Disappeared[]

Weapon destroyed.png

It's likely that the weapon was either destroyed or has ran out. Whenever you attack, the weapon you use has a 1-2% chance to become defected. At first it might be just a crack, but if it cracks again, it will become unusable. It's advisable to change weapons once they have cracked.

If that wasn't the reason your weapon was destroyed, were you using a Blade or a Throwing weapon? A Blade strengthened with Starsteel has a 20% chance of being destroyed.

Throwing weapons are limited in number, and will disappear from your inventory when they have been all used up.

If neither of these describe your situation, please leave a detailed description of your situation in Inquiry/Report section and we will investigate the matter for you.

Enemy Barely Takes Any Damage[]

The short answer is that your attack was low while the enemy's armor was high. The final damage is calculated using your Stat Attack, your weapon's attack, Mastery and the enemy's Stats and Gear Armor.

Attack and armor can change depending on the Stance being used. Offensive Stance increases attack, while the Stealth Stance increases armor. Changing your stance as you fight will increase your chances for victory.

If your attack didn't inflict much damage, even though your weapon attack was high and the opponent's armor was low, there's a chance that your Mastery of the weapon was low.

A strong weapon with low Mastery will only do a little damage. Using an unfamiliar weapon can be difficult. Increasing your Mastery of the weapon will increase your accuracy.

A gun is a powerful weapon, but that power is meaningless without accuracy. It may be more effective to just use your hands instead.

Each character has a different Mastery. Check to find your character's Mastery first, and then find the best weapon for that Mastery.

Enemy Deals So Much Damage Suddenly![]

Ingame accuracy.jpg

It may be that the opponent has changed Stance. Depending on the given Stance, Attack and Armor can be changed or even provide you with additional abilities. Quickly changing to the best stance for a given situation is a skill to develop.

Normal Stance literally means a normal stance. It increases your chance to find items.

Offensive Stance increases attack but also decreases armor.

Furthermore, Offensive Stance increases the chance to find enemies in the same area, so it's useful when you are looking to fight.

Stealth Stance is not very useful for a fight since it lowers your Attack and the chance to find an enemy, but increases your Armor so it's a reliable option. It also lowers your chance to be found, and is useful to avoid other players or wild animals.

HP Decreases Whenever I Move[]

It may have been caused by Exhaustion. Were you aware that Stamina is required to Move and Search?

If you continue moving even after your Stamina has completely run out, you will be Exhausted, using HP instead, at double the cost with every move. It would be wise to recover some Stamina by Sleeping or drinking often so you won't take damage if Exhausted.

Note: Searching consumes 3 stamina, while moving (areas) consumes 5 stamina. Performing these actions while exhausted incurs a penalty of 6 and 10 HP respectively.

Enemy Crafts Items Too Fast[]

Try to remember the items in each area. Memorizing where items are can give you an edge over others that don't.

Refer to the Black Survival Reddit to help create your own strategy, or check Survival TwitchTV to watch others play and learn from them Also use the in-game Index's Area tab to see which area has the items you need.

Can't find Any Items[]

Really? That's strange. All items (except random items) are placed in specific areas with a limited supply. Perhaps someone else already took it?

Let's assume an area has 4. If someone took 2 already, then it would be more difficult to find the remaining 2.

Take note that repeated search in an area increases the chance of finding that item.

If you still can't find the items that you are looking for, check the Index again to see whether or not the items are placed in the area.

Item locations can be changed with Game Updates.

What is Hacking?[]

Ingame hacking.jpg

Sometimes, a few test subjects come into the Research Center using various tools such as broken laptops they've found in a hotel or in town. After fixing the laptop, they connect to the closed network on the island and disable all the Restricted Areas.

Of course it takes time to hack. You can get killed if the Network PC breaks down or get caught by the researchers.

On using the Network PC, after channeling for 3 seconds, Hacking will be carried out for the next 70 seconds. When you move to another area during this time, Hacking will fail and be disabled for 30 seconds. If you discover that someone is Hacking, find that someone and eliminate him/her.

When someone successfully manages to disable all Restricted Areas, and has the System Shutdown Code, he can search for the Mainframe Computer in the Research Center and eliminate all other subjects immediately.

It's Hard To Be Alone[]

If fighting alone is hard, how about forming a 3-person alliance in a team match, and fighting to survive?

In a team match, strong items can be obtained faster, and items can be shared among teammates, making it easier to survive.

You just need to kill the other team's test subjects. How about it? It's easy, right? Also, to ensure active player participation, there are measures to revive corpses immediately after death.

Death is not the end. Rising up and fighting again is the key to achieving victory.