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The following page lists the slang used/created by the English-speaking community of Black Survival. This list is not comprehensive.


Short for Counter Attack.


Short for Double Guillotine.


Short for Restricted Area.


Nickname for Leon, alluding to his Human Torpedo skill.


Double teaming (triple-teaming, etc.) occurs when there are multiple players fighting in a single area, and one player takes multiple hits in quick succession or simultaneously. The player who got double-teamed may die before they are able to escape/eat food. Double-teaming usually occurs if offensive stance is used in an area with multiple players: offensive stance increases the chance to be found by other players. This may also occur to players with a slow internet connection/high ping.


Short for Alex's Desperate Throw skill.


A player whose inventory contains a lot of Health items.


Slang for Tech Lab. The Mystery PC shop uses a [gacha] mechanic.


Short for "Herbivore League players" (plural: herbs). May also refer to newer players in general. Experienced players may sarcastically call themselves by this term when they are playing poorly, to imply that they are playing at an Herbivore level. Does not refer to the item Herb.


Short for Fried Chicken. Most likely stands for "Korean Fried Chicken" since Archbears is based in South Korea.


Short for Lance of Poseidon.

Meme/Playing Meme[]

In general, this term refers to any case of a player intentionally putting themselves at a disadvantage in-game for fun. The most common example of "playing meme" is using a character's non-main/F-start mastery. (Ex: playing Gun mastery with Hyunwoo, playing Throw mastery with Adela, etc.) This may also include only building armor pieces that use Gold, attempting to hack using a non-JP character, or any other creative challenge that goes against optimized gameplay. "Playing meme" or "memeing" is usually attempted in Normal Mode, private games, and/or during preseason.


Describes when a player gets hit by a strong opponent, then runs away to another Area where they are hit by another strong opponent, then runs to another Area, etc. The player may die as a result, either from having no Food or not being able to eat their Food quickly enough.


Short for "Random Number Generator". This term generally means "luck", usually in the context of searching for items in-game. May be used as an adjective or as a noun.

As a noun: having "good RNG" means that the player can quickly find desired items, or if they find a random-drop ingredient that can speed up their armor crafting, etc. Having "bad RNG" means that the player must search for a long time to find a desired ingredient, causing them to fall behind. Good/bad RNG can also include in-game injuries, critical hits, weapon defects, etc.

As an adjective: certain items appear randomly in-game, instead of appearing in certain areas in predetermined amounts. These items (ex: Tree of Life, Mithril, etc.) may be referred to as "RNG items".


Short for Research Center, the in-game area. Does not refer to the main-menu "Research Center," where players can customize their main lobby with Deco Items.


Roaching is a play-style in which the player avoids combat as much as possible. Instead, they focus solely on crafting armor and food throughout the game, and they immediately run away from any other players/animals. By late-game, the player has a completed armor build and an inventory full of food. However, because they avoided fighting the entire game, their mastery is much lower than the other survivors'. In most cases, this strategy is very effective for placing highly, but the "roach" cannot kill their final opponent because of their low mastery. In short, roaching is a method to gain Rank Points by aiming for 2nd place, instead of aiming to win.

Characters commonly associated with roaching include Alex and Hart, because of their Stealth and Peace Zone skills respectively. Roaching is also associated with the aptitude Ambush. However, roaching is defined primarily by the player's intent to avoid combat as much as possible, not the character/aptitude used.

This term is often used negatively to describe players with lower end-game mastery, who survive longer than stronger opponents because they avoided fighting to conserve food. However, there is a distinction between players who fell behind in mastery vs. players who never intended to build up mastery in the first place.

Sniping / To Snipe[]

The act of entering a normal/ranked queue while someone else (either a friend or a streamer) is queueing, with the goal of entering into the same game together. If done to a streamer while he/she is queueing on stream, this is referred to as “stream sniping” and may occur with or without the streamer's consent.