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Immortal Soul: Black Survival Wiki

Welcome to the Black Survival Wiki! This wiki is run by fans for the fans of Black Survival. If you wish to contribute to this wiki, we hope that this guide will help you get started. For a general beginner's guide to wiki editing, consider reading Fandom's Getting Started and General Help guides.

Note: English announcements are now made on the Black Survival blog instead of the Black Survival Medium page.

Getting Started[]

First of all, thank you for your interest in wanting to help with the IS:BS wiki! As long as the game is still up and running, this project will always be in need of helpers to make sure that this wiki is up to date. This guide will hopefully help you in learning the ropes of how to edit this wiki.

Blue lantern no background.png Did you know there are game-related rewards you can get by contributing to the BS wiki for every patch? Check out BS Discord under the #bs-wiki channel for more details, or contact any Community Administrator.

Pages in the Contributor's Guide[]

Click on a link to see the page in the Contributor's Guide of that topic.

  1. Getting Started (current page)
  2. Patch Notes and Win Rate Edits
  3. Tech Lab Edits
  4. Deco Item Edits
  5. Character Edits
  6. New Season Edits
  7. Miscellaneous Edits

Before You Edit...[]

Here are some recommended steps you should do before you start editing the wiki.

  • Make a Gamepedia account
  • This is needed to edit the BS wiki and to track your changes.
  • Go to Preferences on your User Profile, click Editing > Editor > select 'Preferred Editor' as 'Source Editor'
  • The #bs-wiki channel in the Discord server is a great place to meet others who are also working on the wiki and to crowd-source any information.
  • Ask to join the Black Survival Translation Discord server. Rewards are only given in this server and you will need permission from a GM to enter.
  • Download Black Survival on Steam for in-game screenshots (Optional)
  • In-game screenshots taken on Steam are clearer and have a higher resolution, but screenshots taken on mobile are also acceptable, depending on its quality and resolution.

Rules of Editing[]

The following are rules and guidelines that should be followed during any edit to the BS wiki.

  • All in-game info should be copied as it appears in the game. Avoid using slang terms and grammar/spelling mistakes. If the in-game text has a grammar/spelling mistakes, then you can fix it on the wiki.
  • Do not post spoilers from the translation server. Only add content once it has been added to the game, or once the patch note has been released on Medium.
  • Do not copy locked Research Journals onto the wiki.
  • Content that is unlocked through playing the game (to complete achievements or quests) should not be posted.
  • Content that is unlocked through in-game purchases, such as the Basic Profile research journal, is okay to post.
  • Keep formatting consistent among similar types of pages. Character pages should follow the same format, item pages should follow the same format, etc.
  • Follow naming conventions for page names and file names. Page names should match in-game info and/or official blog posts. File names should describe the file and not be random letters or numbers.
  • Nearly all images on this wiki are transparent images (images with their backgrounds removed). You will need to ask someone in the Black Survival Discord to help you clean the images or clean them yourself. In general, if they are not clean enough (typically no background should be seen) or they are not high quality enough, please ask someone who has experience to clean it or try to find a better version online.

General Tips[]

The following actions are not required, but they will make your life a lot easier:

  • Use "Edit Source" instead of "Edit" when editing pages.
  • If you've never edited a wiki before, you may find Gamepedia's tutorial useful.
  • No experience, no worries! Most of the edits are done by finding code or a page and copying and pasting it into another page with a few edits.
  • Try to keep the Task List updated with what's been done/what hasn't been done yet for each patch.
  • How to Upload Images: You can either use Upload File in the side-bar, or you can drag files into the "Drop files here" blue box within the "Edit Source" system.
  • How to Upload Videos: Many videos hosted on this wiki are posted on this YouTube channel. Ask someone in the Black Survival Translation Discord server for the login info. Alternatively, you may upload videos on a separate YouTube channel, or upload videos directly to this wiki.
  • The Black Survival Japanese wiki is a highly valuable reference, particularly for info that is no longer in-game. Even if you don't know Japanese, the site is decently navigable through Google Translate. The Japanese wiki is independently run by Japanese players; it is not affiliated with NimbleNeuron or this wiki. If you obtain any game info from the Japanese wiki, make sure to put a citation at the bottom of the page by copying the following and replacing PAGENAME with the Japanese characters within the URL:
Some of the information on this page was obtained from the [ Japanese Black Survival wiki]. See [ list of authors].