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Game Tips are short tips that appear while in queue for Normal/Ranked games, in the bottom right corner of the screen. The tips switch every 30 seconds, or every time the player leaves then returns to the "combat" menu.

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Game Tip Event Background[]

Archbears held the Third Year Anniversary Tip Event from November 9th - November 18th 2018.[1] There was a character limit of 60 characters (including spaces), and multiple submissions were allowed. Within the submission form, each tip was given a Category (Character, Gameplay, System, Miscellaneous) and a target audience (Mouse-Rabbit, Horse-Elephant, Fox-Wolf, Above Lion).

The winners of the contest were announced on November 26th 2018. [2] 120 Game Tips were chosen in total. Some users had multiple tips selected. The winners were awarded 300 Gems.

The Game Tips were added to the game on December 19th 2018. The tips were initially displayed with the author's in-game name for 1 patch period; on January 16th 2019, the authors' names were removed from the system.

List of Game Tips[]

Game Tips are sorted by the author's in-game name (at time of submission), as listed in the winners announcement. For Game Tips originally written in a language other than English, the text shown is the in-game, official translation of the Game Tip. In order to adhere to the character limit, the meaning of the tip may have been altered slightly during the translation process.

Author Category Game Tip
46IRO Character Nadine's attack may decrease after using her Bullseye.
46IRO System Arrows/Bullets can be obtained anywhere on the map.
4roll Game Play Your enemy may kill you if you allow being attacked twice.
9ぱすてる Game Play Chances to find an enemy is high when in Offensive stance.
감마제타 Character Sissela's Unshackled can hurt you no matter where you are.
꾸뜹 System Respawn: Crow/Osp/Bat 110s, B.hound/Dog 140s, Gor/Bear 170s.
너는너에게 Game Play Match your character's mastery with appropriate weapon.
라임도깨비 Game Play Use EOD Suit and EOD Boots to avoid fatal damage from traps.
람가비 Character Aya cannot use Double Shot if she has one bullet left.
로스바클리 Game Play Get Garlic from Bears to make a delicious Ramen dish.
林檎売り泡沫少年 Game Play Get the items you need before the area becomes restricted.
믕망믕망 Game Play Use counter armor for their effects on some weapons.
미끼리 Character Shoichi's Phony Deal disables mastery gain for 12 secs.
별뭉 Game Play Raise your Mastery by attacking wild animals.*
별뭉 System Ranked placements will require you to play 10 games.
병상첨병 Game Play Attacking enemies will increase your Mastery.
보로로붕 Character Lenox can use Fishing to get various items or ingredients.
보로로붕 Game Play Upgrade your Water and Bread by crafting for effectiveness.
볼타는너구리 Character Use Nathapon's Time Trail 10s before area is closed for EXP.
셰바스챤 Game Play Do your best to raise Mastery. It will help you to win.
수아의노예 Character Use Peace Maker in an area if you are injured.
水縹少女 Character Silvia uses her movements and mobility to attack you.
아를렌레이첼 System Greet others warmly by editing your Battlecry and Will.
아를린 System Earn Gems, Aptitudes, Access Codes, etc. from drawing BP.
아브라아브라 System Change your game language and voice language in Settings.
아스트로우 System A blade weapon's dulling can be removed using Whetstones.
알테르프 Character Don't give up. Rosalio's Home Run may change the result.
알테르프 Miscellaneous Reach Lion or above each season to obtain a special skin.
알테르프 System Use the Bookmark to easily find item locations faster.
如果没有樱花的话 System Check if the weapon used is Blade/Stab or just one of these.
여기내자리에요 Game Play Crafting items flexibly usually is the best route.
오늘은치킨이다 Game Play Hit twice, then use an HP item. The timing will be right.
위대 Character Nadine's Stat Atk permanently increases with animal kills.
자란잎 Game Play Search for arrows in Archery Range, Cemetery or Well.
早々に葬途 Character Jenny's Play Dead is good for surprise attacks on the enemy.
주제파악 System Aptitudes can be selected/changed in the game lobby.
지니얍 Character Run fast if you encounter Leon near water sources.
지호갓 Game Play Craft simple food e.g. Liquor Bread when low on health.
慙斗 Game Play Crafting weapons will increase your Mastery.
하늘살이 Game Play Farm EXP by crafting items. So, craft as much as you can!
한대만깨리고갈게 Game Play Want to chase down an enemy that got away? Use Pursuit.
香川不動 System Get Gems or BP rewards by participating in Mock Tests.
香川不動 System Unlock Research Journals to read more lore on characters.
香川不動 System Raise your Mastery by attacking wild animals.*
히겔 Character Hart's Dissonance can destroy defected weapons instantly.
陈爱能 Game Play You can get certain materials by hunting animals.
AKIRA Character Isol's trap damage can increase. Watch out for his traps.
AmiRose Miscellaneous Black Survival allows re-crafting and re-equipping items.
Apiput Game Play It's good to go with the flow of the game. Don't give up!
Aussenseiter Game Play Equip Optical Camouflage Suit to avoid enemy encounters.
Bingleton Game Play Don't stick to one route for item farming. Be flexible.
Bluebirdy Game Play Animals give you Mastery without helping other players.
Coze Game Play Kill wild animals as soon as they spawn to get an advantage.
DarkNyux Character Watch out for Leon's Human Torpedo near water areas.
Dasogankteam Character Ambush can work well on Hart after using Peace Maker.
DumSpiroDespero Character Peace Maker is excellent for looting/healing in peace.
Dunslime System Use Bookmark to quickly search for item crafting methods.
Gendoe Character Don't engage in long fights against Chiara.
human200022 Game Play Run if you encounter an enemy with higher damage.
Imitator Character For Sua, books give her strength. So, read a lot!
ItoTriton Game Play Normal attacks with skills have no effect if they miss.
JamesTatsumi Character Clang Clatter is useful for luring enemies into a trap.
Jeng Character Adela doesn't need a weapon but needs mastery and armor.
Jynx Game Play It's good to leave at least one space in your bag.
KatyaLischina System Whetstones are very useful for Blade weapons.
KCYDP Game Play Gorillas and Bears are great sources of mastery and food.
Laefaran Game Play Moving with no stamina consumes your health, so watch out.
Magicage Game Play Kill an enemy with Bone Crusher and you recover your weapon.
ManmanLv12 System Each character has different stats, skill and weapon mastery.
MiraiHanabi Miscellaneous Remember, it's all about surviving.
MoonDonnie Game Play Higher chance of meeting enemies in noisy or gunshot areas.
mudman Game Play The bag has only 6 item slots, so drop items you don't use.
PeachyBeachy Character Shoichi's No Mercy stacks reset when a critical hit occurs.
PhantomVX Game Play Prepare two Thrown weapons in case the quantity is low.
polarb Game Play Noisy areas mean there is a fight happening in that area.
porowek Game Play Nadine should kill wild animals to increase her stat atk.
Pyoriin Remember to keep track of animal respawn times.1
RainMoonlight Character Don't worry about William's Stamina when using Accelerate.
Ramsey1120 Game Play Don't fight for too long if you have little food.
Rapsasin Game Play Memorize several routes for item farming. It helps!
RareCrow System Your battlecry and will can be customized in Settings.
Rinkadoki Game Play Need to craft fast? Go to places with things you need most.
rokumon Game Play Pursuit can increase the chance of finding an enemy by 3%.
rokumon Game Play Use a weak weapon and keep on attacking to increase Mastery.
rumblack System Meteorsteel is useful for Blade weapons, but use it wisely!
ScarletCrimson Character Scout can be an excellent aptitude with Jackie's Bloodfest.
ShyLu Game Play Have stamina items ready when using Nadine's Hunter's Sight.
Sideline System Use Accelerate to continuously change areas without cooldown
slyverage Miscellaneous Wanna meet Mr. Meiji? Go to the Research Center.
StressedPanda Character Shoichi can deal a crit on every seventh hit. Avoid him.
TheTatukiak Game Play Avoid fatal attacks with the Counter Attack aptitude.
TROICA Character Beware of Isol's enhanced traps from "Guerilla Warfare".
TROICA System Read [Research Background] in [Collection] for game lore.
VoreMeKirby Character Save Adriana's Arson and Blaze for the final area.
WinterWhiteWolf Game Play Craft bread into other food instead of just consuming it.
Yukinene System Earn 25 days of Attendance Event rewards while you still can!
Yurinamon Game Play Study your opponent's skills in advance, for future fights.
Zhelaniya Game Play Caution! Moving without stamina will consume your health.
Zigor Game Play Gain weapon mastery by hunting wild animals.
Zyerenzy Game Play Upon receiving a critical hit, you must run immediately.
うぃぜ Game Play Osprey&Hunting Dog have armor, Crow&Bloodhound have weapons.
うぃぜ Game Play If a hacker dies, you can use their PC + Shutdown Code.
クスィー Character Shoichi's Phony Deal disables mastery gain for a while.
コーネル探偵社 Character Prepare Heated Whetstone before using Lenox's Fishing
ごごさん Game Play Mithril can help you craft various armor items.
こっこにゃん Character Alex's Stealth and Ambush are good, especially in late game.
コロモ Character Li Dailin's Drunken Master can avoid 'Always Hit' attacks.
さいとーとしお Game Play Hiding to live longer is one of the basics of survival.
シヤソル Character Watch out for Magnus' 1vs17 when you're in a noisy area.
すなこ Game Play Boiling Water is useful for crafting stamina items.
せうご Game Play Strong equipment is good, but consider ease of crafting too.
ナタク Game Play S Mastery Rank's armor penetration is absurdly incredible.
ニイト System Consuming liquor will disable liquor item usage for 10secs.
ピアノ System Earn 400BP for each character Research Journal you unlock.
まんぼう Game Play Accessories and weapons sometimes have special effects.
ミキなぅ Game Play Search for a desired item in 1 area, without taking others.
ミシバ System Skins don't affect gameplay. Feel free to use what you like!
ルピセル Game Play Use Silencer if you're worried about gunshot noises.
ルピセル Character JP will be 100% successful in Hacking, no matter what.
ワンちゃん Game Play Use Pursuit to chase down and finish enemies with low health
Nimble Neuron Miscellaneous Black Survival welcomes re-creating and creativities.3

* These tips have the same wording in English, but are worded differently in Korean/Japanese.

1 This tip was not added during the initial implementation of the Game Tips. It was added to the game during a later patch.

2 While the Game Tip authors' usernames were displayed, these usernames were displayed incorrectly in-game. The usernames were recorded accurately in the winners announcement.

3 This tip was written by the game developers and added during the August 14th 2019 patch.


Some of the information on this page was obtained from the Japanese Black Survival wiki. See list of authors.