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Items are any objects that can be acquired in-game. There are four item categories within Black Survival's item index: Weapons, Armor Gear, Food, and Normal. Additionally, each item has 1 of 5 rarity grades: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

For a list of items with Special Effects, see Item Effects.

For items that are purchased within the main lobby, see Shop.

General Information[]

Items can be acquired through the following methods:

  • Search: All Areas (except for Research Center) have a fixed set supply of items at the beginning of the game. These items are generally Common or Uncommon in rarity. Items are depleted as players take items from the area. On the other hand, any items dropped from a player's inventory can also be found through Searching.
    • There are certain "Randomly Found" items that can be found in any area using Search. These items can be used to craft powerful Weapons, Armor Gear, etc. Some of these items (ex: Mithril) seem to have no set quantity, while others (ex: Ogre Skin) have a quantity of 1.
EXP gained from Crafting
Rarity EXP gained
Uncommon +1
Rare +2
Epic +3
Legendary +4
  • Crafting: More common items can be combined to create better-quality items. The recipes for craftable items can be found using the in-game crafting guide, the Main Menu Index, or individual item pages within the Black Survival Wiki. Crafting items gives the player experience (EXP), with the amount of EXP varying on the crafted item’s rarity. Common items can only be found and do not give EXP.
  • Corpses: Items can be obtained from both animal and player corpses, either after killing the enemy or after finding the corpse while Searching. Animal corpses have a combination of random and fixed items; the fixed items depend on the type of animal. Player corpses initially carry all the items they had equipped/in their inventory, but these items are depleted as other players take items from the corpse.
  • Supply Boxes: players can choose to use supply boxes prior to entering the game queue, and the supply box items will appear in their inventory within Underground Path. The set of supply box items is limited to items of green/white rarity, with some additional exceptions; for more information, see Supply Boxes. Random items obtained from animal corpses are limited to Supply Box items.
    • Certain items can only be obtained from Supply Box/animal drops (ex: Nightstick). They cannot be crafted, and they do not appear while Searching unless dropped by another player.

Item Categories[]

Weapons are used to attack opponents such as other players and wild animals. Common weapons found across the map can be used offensively, but crafted weapons are much more effective in combat.

There are currently 7 types of weapons: Blade, Blunt, Hand, Thrown, Stab, Gun, and Bow Weapons. Attacking with a weapon or crafting a weapon will raise the character's mastery for that weapon type. Some weapons are categorized as both Blade/Stab; these weapons will default to Blade mastery unless the player has a higher Stab Mastery.

Traps, while listed under the Weapons category, do not have their own mastery. Traps are set in an Area and do damage when triggered; they cannot be equipped or used to directly attack other players. With the exception of Isol's Guerilla Warfare skill, traps do not give mastery. Despite this, traps will still be shown here.

Ranged weapons (Bow Weapons and Gun Weapons) have a defection chance of 1% for every attack. If a player uses an unloaded bow/gun to attack, the weapon’s chance of defection increases tenfold, and the unloaded bow/gun will be used as a blunt weapon. Melee weapons (Blade Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Hand Weapons, and Stab Weapons) have a defection chance of 2% for every attack. Thrown Weapons and traps cannot defect; instead, they are depleted until their quantity reaches 0.

Throughout the course of the game, non-Thrown weapons can be defected or even destroyed, based on chance and Hart's Dissonance ability. Weapons cannot be destroyed without first being defected. It is important to note that dulling and defecting are counted as different effects. For more information, see Additional Attack Effects.

Critical hits are primarily based on chance, and accuracy is primarily based on the player’s mastery level.

Blade icon.png Blade Weapons Blunt icon.png Blunt Weapons
Bow icon.png Bow Weapons Gun icon.png Gun Weapons
Hand icon.png Hand Weapons Stab icon.png Stab Weapons
Thrown icon.png Thrown Weapons Trap icon.png Traps

Armor Gear are items that, when equipped, reduce damage dealt by enemies. Although basic armor pieces can be found across the map, crafted armors are much more effective at reducing damage. Items with a higher Armor value reduce damage to a greater degree, according to the attack damage formula. Armor does not reduce trap damage (except for EOD Boots and EOD Suit, which have special effects), damage taken from exhaustion, etc.

Additionally, there is also a slight damage reduction based on the rarity of each armor piece (see table). The only exceptions to this system are:

  • Doll: -3 damage when attacked
  • Uchiwa: -5 damage when attacked
  • Sunset Armor: -2 damage when attacked
  • Magazine, Sniping Scope, Dice of Destiny, Army Suspenders, Optical Camouflage Bag: no damage reduction
Rarity DMG reduction
Common none
Uncommon -1
Rare -2
Epic -3
Legendary -4

High-rarity armors have a wide variety of special effects. These include, but are not limited to, reducing damage of a specific weapon type, increasing the player's accuracy, and affecting the chance for players to find enemies/be found by enemies.

With the exception of Mai’s Haute Couture skill, players cannot enhance their armor pieces.

Health Foods are consumed to restore HP, while Stamina Foods are consumed to restore stamina. Basic food items can be found across the map, but generally players must craft food throughout the game in order to survive. Players can also recover HP and Stamina by Resting, but it is far more efficient to use food items instead.

Players must keep their HP above 0 to stay in the match. Running out of stamina will not cause the game to end, but will put the player in a state of Exhaustion: any action that requires stamina will deplete HP instead.

Normal items are items that cannot be equipped or consumed for health/stamina. Items of this category consist of enhancing items, special items, and ingredients.

Enhancing items can be used to permanently alter certain weapons’ attack stat. Since these items are used up during the enhancing process, players must choose wisely between enhancing and crafting with these items.

Special items include items with wildly varying special effects and items used for hacking.

Ingredient items are items used solely to craft other items. They cannot be equipped or consumed.

Inventory Management[]

There are a total of 6 inventory slots and 6 equipment slots (1 Weapon slot, 5 different armor slots for each type of Armor Gear). Each equipment slot can only hold 1 equipment item, and each inventory slot can only hold 1 type of item at a time.

Certain items are stackable, meaning that multiple of the same item can be stored within 1 inventory slot:

  • Thrown Weapons, Bullets and Arrows are stackable up to 80. Up to 80 of the same thrown weapon can be stored in the player's weapon slot; different thrown weapons cannot be stacked together. Bullets can be stored within the player's gun up to the gun's particular ammo capacity. Arrows can be stored within the player's bow up to the bow's ammo capacity, or up to the bow capacity + the quiver capacity if the player has a quiver equipped.
  • Non-thrown weapons, Armor, Enhance, and Special items cannot be stacked.
  • Food and Ingredient items are stackable up to 10.
    • Exceptions: Lighters and Boiling Water are only stackable up to 6. Bullets and Arrows can be stacked as described above.