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Labýrinthos is a PvE game mode that was added during the June 23rd, 2021 patch. It was first mentioned in the Codex under Wiki as a listed Subproject.

Gameplay Overview[]

Players will need to look for valuable items and recruit allies in order to neutralize the Enraged Test Subject, a Boss enemy that appears at the end of the game. After exploring for a certain number of days, the Research Center will open and the player can face the Enraged Test Subject. Defeat happens when all your team members die.

There are 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Depending on the level of difficulty, the number of searches and available areas will vary. Rewards vary based on how quickly the Enraged Test Subject is neutralized.

Difficulty Number of Searches Available Areas

At game start, players must select an area to explore and fight in. The player has the option to craft materials before zone entry. Once the zone has been completely searched, players are sent back to the exploration screen and can choose another zone to explore.

Zone Selection[]

Each Area has two zones that the player must choose from before searching the area. The following are the known types of zones:

  • Regular Zone
  • Item Rate Increase: This type is indicated by a blue glow around the zone's Item Info box.
    • Certain items in the zone will have a 50% increased chance to be found.
    • The player can check which items have increased rates by clicking on the magnifying glass.
  • Ally Recruitment: This type is indicated by a handshake symbol and the text, "An ally can be recruited".
    • The ally is not revealed to the player until reached while searching the zone.
    • One ally can be recruited per Ally Recruitment Zone.
    • Allies come with items and level based on the player's progression. However, their mastery level will be the same as their starting mastery.
  • Restriction Area - Deactivation Device: This type is indicated by a symbol of an unlocked lock and the text, "Restricted areas can be unlocked". The unlocked lock symbol can also be seen on the map.
    • This zone may be used to unlock one restricted area of the player's choice.
    • No searching is done when using this zone, therefore neither area exploration progress nor survival day count will increase.
  • Stronger Enemies: This type is indicated by a symbol of a red skull with an eyepatch and the text, "A strong opponent appears."
    • The type of enemy may be revealed by the flavor text below the title of the zone.
  • Special Items: This type is indicated by its gold color. A gold star symbol is displayed on the map.

Crafting Screen[]

Crafting items can only be done when preparing for combat. Players can craft as may times as they'd like before moving to search the area. Items for healing and stamina as well as thrown weapons, ammo, and arrows can be moved to the bag to be used.

Allies can be removed at this screen. Once an ally is removed, All of their equipped items are lost.


In Zones, Players are equipped with a VF Radar, which tracks enemy location by sound. The Radar can also evaluate enemy power based on their VF wave. The Radar can track enemies ahead up to 1 meter (1 search). The noise generated by enemies as well as their VF waves can be tracked on the radar to locate them and estimate their power.

Items for healing and stamina as well as thrown weapons, ammo, and arrows can be replenished at any time other than combat.


Normal Stance: Default Stance. Neutral item discovery rate and stamina consumption (movement speed).

Rapid Stance: Increased item discovery rate and stamina consumption (movement speed). Using rapid stance for too long can trigger more sound which can attract more enemies.


During combat, Action Cards are used to attack the enemy. Action Cards consist of both basic attacks and character combat skills. Multiple of the same Action Cards can be combined to strengthen the character's attack.

  • Lv. 1: Default level for all cards
  • Lv. 2: Combine 2 of the same card
  • Lv. 3: Combine a Lv.1 card with a Lv.2 card of the same type.

Action Cards cost 1 Action Cost. Action Costs depend on the level of the card being used, and increases with Mastery level. Replenishing Health and Stamina during combat cost 1 Action Cost.

Playstyle Tips[]

PvE Shop[]

Upon completing the game, players can receive Labyrinth Tokens which in turn can be used in the PvE Shop. Currently, known rewards are 2 Enraged Test Subject skins: Enraged Chiara and Enraged Zahir.


Ranks in PvE are sorted by difficulty. Ranking points are based on the points obtained when completing a game.

Differences from Classic Mode[]

  • Players are expected to select the area that they will explore.
  • Players can only craft when preparing for combat.

Patch History[]