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There are five different sections within the Black Survival rulebook. This rulebook can be found within the sidebar of the in-game main lobby. Additionally, there are the Beginner's Guide pages, which address problems that beginning players frequently encounter.



When you tap or click the center of the screen, consume 3 Stamina and search the current area for roughly 1.5 seconds.

Search phases (if unsuccessful, move to the next phase):

Search Phase Event Probability
1. Find the Main Computer 1%*
2. Step on a trap 50%
3. Find an enemy 70%
4. Find a wild animal 50%
5. Find a corpse 5%
6. Find an item 90%
7. Gain experience 40%

* Research Center only

Search phases are automatically bypassed if the event is not possible. (For example, if there are no traps in the area, search phase 2 is automatically bypassed.) If all search phases are unsuccessful, then the Search is unsuccessful, and no event occurs for that Search.

Search Rate Modification[]

The following are modifications to the search probabilities listed above:

  • Corpse never found before: +30% chance of finding
  • A corpse of an enemy you killed: +5% chance of finding

Move and Rest[]

Move Rest Stance.png


Select an area on the minimap, consuming 5 Stamina to move.



The "Rest" button can be found in the bottom right corner. There are 3 types of Rest:

  • Heal: Recover 2 HP per second
  • Sleep: Recover 4 Stamina per second
  • First Aid: Treat 1 injury for 12 seconds (Heals the most recent injury if there are multiple injuries)

Resting of any kind is cancelled once the player performs another action or is attacked by another player (Exception: First Aid is not cancelled if attacked by another player).

Note: using tabs that do not perform an action (such as opening the in-game crafting guide or opening the minimap without Moving) will not cancel Rest.


When the player's Stamina goes below 0, he/she loses (Stamina cost * 2) HP for any action that requires stamina.

Ex: Searching normally consumes 3 Stamina. Searching will cost 6 HP if the player has no Stamina.


There are 2 different stances that can be used in-game. Players can change their stance using the "Stance" button in the bottom right corner.

Stances Screenshot.png

Offensive Stance: Useful for fighting and encountering enemies[]

  • Chance to find enemy +30%

Dodging Stance: Useful for avoiding fights[]

  • Chance to find enemy -30%
  • Chance to be found -20%


Ingame encounter.jpg

You may find an enemy (another player) while searching an area.

As the game is played in real time, players can find you even when you are standing still.

If you succeed in finding an enemy, you can choose to do the following:

  • Attack
  • Use combat ability
  • Escape


Ingame accuracy.jpg

What is Accuracy?[]

Attempting an attack first checks for hit chance. Normal attacks and most combat abilities can either hit or miss.

The starting base accuracy is 80% (assuming starting mastery = D)

How to Increase Accuracy[]

Accuracy increases as mastery increases. With each increase in mastery rank, base accuracy increases by 1-3%.

There are also certain items that increase accuracy when used or equipped.

Attack Damage[]

Attack Damage is the actual damage dealt by an attack that hits. The formulas in this section are used to calculate Attack Damage.

Attack Damage = Normal Damage + Skill Damage

Normal Damage[]

Formula = Total Attack Power * 100 / (Enemy's Total Armor + 100)

Total Attack Power: (Stat Attack + Weapon Damage) * Modifiers
Modifiers: Mastery Rank or Stance effects
Total Armor: Character Armour + Gear Armour

Skill Damage[]

Skill Damage bypasses character/gear armor. Character skills, item skills, and mastery rank still affect skill damage.


If attacked while guarding, the damage will be reduced by 50%.

Additional Attack Effects[]

  • Critical Hit: 5% Chance to activate; increases normal attack damage by 50%
  • Weapon Defect & Destruction: Weapons defect by 1% (Ranged) or 2% (Melee) chance. Thrown weapons deplete instead of defecting. Defect chance is 10% for unloaded Ranged weapons. Defected weapons have their attack reduced by 20%. If a defected weapon receives another defect, it is destroyed and the weapon disappears.

Note: The defect chance is 0% for the first 15 attacks after a weapon is crafted. [1]

  • Weapon Dulling: Blade and Blade/Stab weapons dulled by 3% chance (-1 attack per dulling). Whetstones can be used to enhance the attack of dulled weapons (+1 attack per whetstone).


When attacked by an animal or another player, there is a 2% chance to suffer a random injury. Injuries can be treated by First Aid Kit or Resting.

There are 4 types of injuries:

  • Head Injury: attack accuracy -20%
  • Arm Injury: normal attack -20% ; mastery gained on attack -50%
  • Abdomen Injury: healing rate -50% ; damage taken +10%
  • Leg Injury: Movement/Search consumes 50% more Stamina


Ingame levels.jpg

Players start each Game at level 1, and can reach a max level of 18.

EXP to level up: 5 + current level

How to gain EXP[]

  • Normal Attacks (+1)
  • Crafting items (Uncommon +1, Rare +2, Epic +3, Legendary +4)
  • Player Kill: 3 + half of the enemy's level/5


Mastery is a measure of weapon proficiency. It is one of the factors that determines Attack Damage. The current mastery system in Black Survival is tiered into multiple letter ranks: the lowest mastery rank is F, and the highest mastery rank is SS.

Raising mastery rank provides the following effects:

  • Basic Attack Power increases
  • Accuracy increases

Mastery rank above S provides unique bonuses.

How to Raise Mastery[]

  • Deliver a normal attack
  • Craft a weapon (higher quality weapons provide more mastery)
  • Survive a wave of area restrictions

Mastery Rank Effects[2][3][4] [5][]

Mastery Rank Stat Attack Accuracy Total Hits Required Hits Required for Next Mastery Rank
F 55% 70% 0 +5
E 60% 74% 5 +5
E+ 70% 77% 10 +5
D 80% 80% 15 +6
D+ 90% 82% 21 +7
C 110% 85% 28 +8
C+ 130% 87% 36 +10
B 150% 90% 46 +11
B+ 170% 92% 57 +12
A 190% 93% 69 +13
A+ 215% 97% 82 +14
S 240% 99% 96 +15
SS 265% 100% 111

S Mastery: 7% Armor Piercing

SS Mastery: 15% Armor Piercing + Superhuman Path: For every 3rd attack inflicted on the enemy, the character’s attack increases by 1 permanently. [Note: Superhuman stacks can only be obtained from attacks inflicted with the SS weapon type.]

Restricted Area[]

Died in ra.PNG

Restricted Areas are designated for a certain period, and staying in Restricted Areas will get the player killed

Day 1: (Start of Game ~ 2nd round of Restricted Areas) Restricted Areas are designated every 3 minutes while previous Restricted Areas are reopened

At night: (3rd round of Restricted Areas ~ 5th round of Restricted Areas)

  • Restricted Areas are designated every 2 minutes 30 seconds while previous Restricted Areas are reopened
  • Dr. Wickeline appears at a random area on the island
  • Area restrictions are accelerated

Day 2: Restricted Areas become permanent from the 6th round onwards every 2 minutes

Note: For more information, see Restricted Area.


Ingame hacking.jpg

Using a Network PC consumes 30 Stamina and has a 3 second Channel time:

  • 20% chance to start a Hacking attempt
  • 30% for the Network PC to be destroyed
  • 10% to be killed by Mr. Meiji
  • 40% to fail hacking [nothing happens]

Note: JP has a 100% chance to start a Hacking attempt.

Stay still [stay within the same area; searching/resting is allowed] for 70 seconds and Hacking succeeds. Hacking attempts are immediately informed to everyone, but the hacker is hidden for 35 seconds during night time. Unable to retry for 30 seconds after a Hacking failure.

After successfully Hacking, all Restricted Areas are unlocked for 2 rounds, including the Research Center.

System Shutdown[]

Owning a Network PC and the System Shutdown Code allows access to the Main Computer.

The Main Computer can be found with a 1% chance while searching in the Research Center. When using the System Shutdown Code, begin System Control for 7 sec.

While controlling the system, Moving is disabled (Move and a special cut-scene appears). Fails if killed during this period.

Once the system is disabled, all other enemies die immediately.

Additional References[]

Some of the information on this page was obtained from the Japanese Black Survival wiki. See list of authors.